Linda, congratulations on stepping out and being your true self. This is very exciting to me to see you expose the real Divine You. You are an inspiration to me to.   Light and Love.  Mary
I want to thank you for the session of Psych-K (and Flower Essence). As a part of my Healing Touch certification process, I am required to receive treatments from ten different modalities. Yours was the ninth for me. Out of the nine, you stand out as one that I would recommend and refer to others. What was most impressive to me was your sensitivity and attention to addressing my particular issues and requests. Equally impressive and valuable to me was your desire and ability to teach me skills to empower myself. Because you took the time to teach me other methods of truth testing, I now have one that I can trust. I can tell you that being reminded and experiencing at will “The Christ that is ever within me” got me unstuck. Being unstuck has allowed me to make the decision I did, confirmed by the Truth Testing. Driving away from our appointment, I felt right, free and open to many other possibilities about the decision I made at your office. I have never wavered nor second guessed since that moment. You have a self confidence and sincerity that it seems to spring from. You convey a warm loving attitude. I know that now, as you focus your attention to love and take care of yourself, your healing powers will expand and become even more powerful.
Elaine Bennett, M.S., CHT, Energy Medicine
I want to thank you for our healing session together. I took your advice as well as the flower essence. I am much more calmer and at peace. Thanks for your commitment to your clients and friends. I am glad to be both. Rose Owens
It’s hard for me to put into words how much my family appreciates Linda. She helped my father in his transition. Everyone there commented abou how peaceful the room became when Linda started working. My father has since told me that his transition was quick, very peaceful and beautiful. She truly helped him. Kathy Campbell
Sometimes we get in that place of not knowing how to put into words what needs to be said. We can’t get the words to come so we just sit there holding onto nothing. I have found that talking to Linda opens windows in my mind that allows me to connect to hidden areas of opportunity that were there all the time. I love being made aware of the fact that I hold the key to my future. Yea for Linda’s questions that make you think and take action! Alexandra – Reiki Master Teacher, Nashville, TN
When Linda worked with me, she brought forth inner messages that first gave me an “Ah-Ha!”. Then I could feel her energy subtly assisting in my healing…allowing inner obstacles to dissolve and yielding for a sense of well-being.  Carmen Sweetman
Amidst the turmoil going on around us, Linda was able to help me relax, ease the pain & allow my body to heal itself. I went home with the tools to continue my self-healing. Vickie B. Majors
“Congrats! Happy Anniversary Linda, A Healing Voice is a great place for you to be, you do have a way with words and we look forward to hearing each and every one…Love to you today and always…Alexandra”