About Me




I’m a Life Navigator & Mentor | Holistic Healer | Intuition Coach| and Encourager, Specializing in Self-Empowerment Mastery, PSYCH-K®  & Healing Touch.

Healing Energy techniques such as PSYCH-K® and Healing Touch, can put you into a relaxed state where your body is able to rejuvenate and heal itself.

I use my voice for healing – whether it’s creating a guided meditation, leading a group through a self-empowerment process, or interviewing someone on my radio show.

I’m also an intuitive holistic counselor and one of my gifts….. is asking questions to help guide you back to SELF.

Whether it’s the answer from the medical doctor who gives you only one month to live, or the answer from your own consciousness, I can intuitively question the answers and guide you on a path of self-discovery.


Where did I get my gift of intuitive questioning?

It could have developed from the practice I’ve had each week as a radio talk show host for over 8 years. The opportunity to host talk radio literally came out of nowhere and has been an invaluable experience. Now, I’m ready for just about anything in an interview. What I’ve learned the most, is to get out of my ego, forget about focusing on the next question, really LISTEN.. and be PRESENT with my guest.

Are my questions channeled? Some think so. I don’t claim, however, to be a channel. I receive information in my dreams and through signs in the environment. What I MOST marvel at, are the words that seem to pop out of my mouth, especially when it’s totally unexpected, “out there” and downright funny.

My days as a stand up comedienne were no accident. I have the timing down pat. My purpose is to provide joy to others, and LIGHTEN UP an otherwise HEAVY situation.

At a public meeting, someone once asked me, “Where did you learn how to ask questions like that?” I stood there, looking at her in disbelief (that she would ask me something like that), and replied, “It’s just what I do.” It’s the gift that God gave me.

This site pulls everything that I do together in one place. From counseling to mentoring, to hosting talk radio, to recommending holistic solutions for your busy life. It’s all here. Let me know how I can be of assistance in your journey back to self.